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REAL MODEST is a new Fashion Line of choice set for the independent and young woman who wants to dress modestly. REAL MODEST offers premium quality in terms of physical materials and contemporary taste imbibed with the traditional twist, always with an eye for catering to all customers with the right clothes at the right price. REAL MODEST not only offers affordability to the buyers but also offers inspiring clothing, imparting an opportunity of the following fashion of their own free will with the power of a deep-rooted heritage of tradition, culture, and art.

REAL MODEST takes pride in launching ‘NUQI’ – its ace brand of Hijabs. ‘NUQI,’ meaning ‘Pure,’ is the latest brand of Hijab, offering a wide range of collections of luxurious stitches and simple prints. ‘NUQI’ from REAL MODEST offers the best quality and price to fit an individual’s desired budget. Not only the inspiring designs, but ‘NUQI’ also offers the perfect size and proportion for convenient wearing and sharing the most comfortable experience. ‘NUQI’ Art Series includes luxurious silk twill with printed artwork that tells a tale.


REAL MODEST is a story of a loving couple who did not hail from a lineage of a millionaire. On the contrary, they were simple, modest, and ordinary folks but with big hearts. Honesty, dedication, and hard work were their capital to begin with. Hasan, a Mechanical Engineer and an IT professional with a love for the arts, still is a perfectionist in everything he does. Methodical and meticulous. Shahida is an ideal housewife but with an uncanny attraction toward the artistry of needle and thread. Her sense of ‘cuts and stitches’ were so sophisticated and polished that she seldom wore anything which she did not make with her own hands since the beginning of her adolescence. After marriage, Hasan also enjoyed this remarkable quality of her creative process. Her selections of fabrics and prints captured and captivated his every mood.

His and her passion for crafting and creating grew out of bound proportions, and very soon, they were hounded by friends and acquaintances for forming their clothing brand. They had teenage nieces who were facing trouble with hijab, mainly due to distortion in size and color, failing stitches, and hence, discomfort in wearing. The hijabs would easily deteriorate with every wash in the machine. Needless to say, stitching from the border was pulling out like a fishing rod. The problem was effortlessly solved. It was these sweet nieces whose earnest request neither Hasan nor Shahida could deny. ‘Trouble-shooting’ teenager discomfort gave birth to a clothing company – REAL MODEST, launched in the year 2021 in the USA.

Hence, REAL MODEST is a story of a couple’s dream, their leap into the unknown, their frustrations and conflicts – yet not losing hope and faith in themselves and the almighty and finally, achieving!

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