Marigold – Heavy Chiffon Hijab by NUQI


Double stitched all sides, durable, heavy premium chiffon, luxurious to touch.
Color: Marigold
Materials: Heavy Chiffon
Weight: 150g to 160g
Size: 27 inch x 72 inch
Shape: Rectangle

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Dr. Zakir could hardly resist his tears. Abida, his favorite niece, was sobbing at his feet, saying – “Uncle, save Papa.”

Zakir, who was ten years older than Zafar, waved his hands over Abida’s head and said calmly – “Abida, my beloved, my nightingale, Zafar is not only my little brother; you all know that he is an extension of myself. In Zafar, I live. Before my Ammi passed away, she told me to look after him. Before Ammi also passed away, she told me to look after him. So I did my best to take care of my little brother. I did not marry. I did not respond to the lucrative jobs from abroad, so I didn’t have to leave Zafar. I carried on with the same small pharmacy that my father built. I have put my love and attention into my brother all my life. His well-being and his happiness was my only priority. Zafar was a good child who went on to be a good husband and a good father. You love him, Abida, and he loves you too. He loved your Ammi, Suraiya, with all his heart and respect. But Suraiya is no more. I am sure Abida that you know how hard I have tried for her recovery. But I failed….”

“No, uncle, you did not fail…” interrupted Abida. Then, wiping her tears, she sat back and, looking straight into her uncle’s eyes, uttered – “you cannot fail. You are the live-wire of our family. Without you, we all perish. It was Allah’s diktat.”

“Yes, Abida…” acknowledged Zakir. Then, with a deep breath, he said calmly, as always, “… that was what I wanted to say – Allah’s order, his wish. Suraiya is with the almighty now. She is in Jannat, well deserved, the good spirit she was, always caring and always smiling – without any complaint, and she rightly did. And Zafar, my little brother, had also found Allah in his heart. He had devoted himself to Abida. In all his worship, in all his Ibadat, he could find her presence. Didn’t you notice how his face glows and he smiles, holding Suraiya’s Hijab in his hands?”
Abida looked up at her uncle’s watery eyes, his tranquil face – unruffled and composed as a monk, a Rahib. Speechless and inspired, she could only listen to her uncle say –

“His heart is full of love, Abida, and Allah is love. So let him live, my child; let him stay with his NUQI.”

NUQI premium chiffon hijabs are one-of-a-kind durable hijabs created from heavy chiffon materials. They are non-transparent and slightly stretchable, so you can style them without worrying about adjusting them all day. Full-sized at 27-inch x 72-inch, featuring our unique double stitched borders for durability and machine wash. NUQI hijabs are long enough to ensure appropriate coverage and layering per your desire.


Materials: Heavy Chiffon
Color: Marigold
Weight: 150g to 160g
Size: 27 inch x 72 inch
Shape: Rectangle
Thickness: Medium
Texture: Slightly Textured
Creasing: Not very prone to creasing
Wearability: Moderately slippery (hijab cap recommended)

Fabric Care:
We recommend hand washes or dry clean; machine washes on delicate cycles with a light detergent on warm with only other hijabs in like colors. Tumble dry on low. For stains, spot-treat with a soft fabric stain remover.


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