Puce – Heavy Chiffon Hijab by NUQI


Double stitched all sides, durable, heavy premium chiffon, luxurious to touch.
Color: Puce – Dark Reddish Brownish Salmon
Materials: Heavy Chiffon
Weight: 150g to 160g
Size: 27 inch x 72 inch
Shape: Rectangle

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I am Alisha, 16 years of age, and I live in New York. My father, Ahmed, who happens to be a software engineer, is a big fan of the Great Muhammed Ali. My mother, Ayesha, is a homemaker. So, now you get it – I mean, how I got my name – a hybrid between Ali and Ayesha – ALISHA.

Like all my other friends, I am also a social-media freak. Now I have engaged myself with my blog. My parents encouraged me to write more and often. I wrote about all the tiny incidents happening around me—a personal diary. I dream of making a big story; my parents said these minute incidents would help me make that One BIG Story someday!

So here I am, sharing with you a funny little incident that happened just recently –
I had been to a wedding ceremony in my neighborhood with my parents yesterday evening, where I faced a mind-blowing incident. I saw a beautiful, classy, and very stylishly dressed lady moving gracefully around the party lawn with a tiny microphone in her hands and talking randomly with people. Her gestures, body movements, and smile while talking were so overwhelming that one could not put their eyes away!

She spoke with the bride, bridegroom, DJ, and even with the serving boys – always wearing a charming smile on her face. Before settling down, everyone was talking about her – ‘who is she?’ – was the joint inquiry written all over the faces of the gathering. She took away all the limelight of the party! Everyone was focusing on her when suddenly, she turned her focus towards me! She stood a few yards away from me, busy talking with an old lady, when her head turned around and saw me. I was, like others, looking at her spell bounded, almost in a hypnotic state. She steadily and gracefully walked towards me with her ‘signature’ charming smile. Reaching me, she nodded, and with the sweetest tone, she said – “Hello!”
It took me a split second more to reply. Then, almost hissingly, “Hi” – was what I could say. I geared myself up for the interview, but then I heard her say – “Oh my, what are you wearing, young lady? It is so beautiful!” Unabashedly, I answered – “Hijab”. It seemed that she was so taken aback by the new NUQI Hijab I was wearing that she could not ask me anything besides it. How to wear it, why to wear it, when to wear it, was it comfortable or not, the size, the fabric, the stitches, the color – oh, believe me, it was a grand moment, for I had become the ‘head-turner’ for the day!
The party went well, but my NUQI Hijab was the show-stealer. The most beautiful lady that the audience had seen that day, including me, fell after my NUQI, my NUQI Hijab!

NUQI premium chiffon hijabs are one-of-a-kind durable hijabs created from heavy chiffon materials. They are non-transparent and slightly stretchable, so you can style them without worrying about adjusting them all day. Full-sized at 27-inch x 72-inch, featuring our unique double stitched borders for durability and machine wash. NUQI hijabs are long enough to ensure appropriate coverage and layering per your desire.


Materials: Heavy Chiffon
Color: Puce – Dark Reddish Brownish Salmon
Weight: 150g to 160g
Size: 27 inch x 72 inch
Shape: Rectangle
Thickness: Medium
Texture: Slightly Textured
Creasing: Not very prone to creasing
Wearability: Moderately slippery (hijab cap recommended)

Fabric Care:
We recommend hand washes or dry clean; machine washes on delicate cycles with a light detergent on warm with only other hijabs in like colors. Tumble dry on low. For stains, spot-treat with a soft fabric stain remover.


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