Turquoise Agate – Silk Twill Luxury Hijab


This abstract hijab is a work of art that offers you a familiar yet extraordinary elegance. The bold geometrical print is soft on your skin and will leave you feeling like you’re wrapped in a blanket. The unique combination of silk and Agate stone is a perfect combination that helps in keeping you calm and cool. The bold pattern adds a touch of grace and sophistication to your look.

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Agate may be a common rock formation but deeply implies harmonizing the body and the mind. It is said that Agate calms inner tensions and builds up a sense of security. It was from this thinking that the design of this piece sprouted. We wished to hold a ‘magic rock’ on the hijab! Dealing with nature and illustrating its replica demanded a very soft and subtle movement of lines across the fabric. Juxtaposing the foreground of the surface, golden streaks were introduced as two golden paths making an abstract statement that they would meet one day! You may notice that this hijab features Chai stains. Why you may ask – at the last iteration of the design, we accidentally spilled Masala Chai on the concept design paper and could not believe the beautiful stains it created so we captured it within the design of the hijab. This abstract hijab is a work of art that offers you a familiar yet extraordinary elegance.

Your religion and values are as important to you as the air you breathe. You love it and will do anything to keep it intact. NUQI understands that this hijab is not just a piece of cloth to be used to cover the head, but it is a piece of your faith. This hijab is designed with this mindset in mind. It is a hijab that is extremely soft and smooth. It is a hijab that is luxurious and pleasant to the touch. It is a hijab that is a physical representation of your faith. It is a hijab that is as beautiful as it is functional. It is a hijab that is of extremely high quality. It is a hijab that doesn’t alter your schedule for you to find the time to wear it.

Turquoise Agate Silk Twill Hijab by NUQI features a hand-rolled hem on a digitally printed 67-inch x 27.5-inch (170-cm x 70-cm) silk twill fabric.


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