Alhambra – Silk Twill Luxury Hijab


The geometric patterns forming out of chisel -sharp straight lines and pitch-perfect angles – are the pioneering works of the Great Ottoman Empire. This particular piece is composed of checkered shapes with the brilliant interplay of varied shades of blues, greens, and reds, bordering with foliage motifs at the margin – is an interpretation and inspiration of and from the phenomenal artworks of the Spanish Muslims – a legacy of the Great Ottomans!

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Your religion and values are as important to you as the air you breathe. You love it and will do anything to keep it intact. NUQI understands that this hijab is not just a piece of cloth to be used to cover the head, but it is a piece of your faith. This hijab is designed with this mindset in mind. It is a hijab that is extremely soft and smooth. It is a hijab that is luxurious and pleasant to the touch. It is a hijab that is a physical representation of your faith. It is a hijab that is as beautiful as it is functional. It is a hijab that is of extremely high quality. It is a hijab that doesn’t alter your schedule for you to find the time to wear it.

It is hard to imagine the height of sophistication that the Great Ottomans reached when their culture was at the peak of its power. In a time when civilizations were vying for economic and cultural dominance, the Ottomans were the foremost pioneers of art in the Muslim world. They were inspired by Greek, Persian, Chinese and Indian styles and excelled in all of them, creating a rich and refined aesthetic that was uniquely Ottoman. This particular piece is a contemporary interpretation of the vibrant colors and geometric patterns of the Ottoman artisans. One can feel the chiseled straight lines and perfect angles in the interplay of blues, greens, reds, and browns, bordered by the foliage motifs of mellow colors inspired by nature. It evokes the splendor and the grandeur of Ottoman times, and the magnificent silk fabrics that were produced by the artisans of that time. This design, Alhambra, is our interpretation and inspiration of and from the phenomenal artworks of the Spanish Muslims – a legacy of the Great Ottomans.

Mughal Gems Silk Twill Hijab by NUQI features a hand-rolled hem on a digitally printed 67-inch x 27.5-inch (170-cm x 70-cm) silk twill fabric.

Dry clean or hand wash only with mild soap. (Slight shrinkage may occur after the first wash.)


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