Eucalyptus – Heavy Chiffon Hijab by NUQI


Double stitched all sides, durable, heavy premium chiffon, luxurious to touch.
Color: Eucalyptus
Materials: Heavy Chiffon
Weight: 150g to 160g
Size: 27 inch x 72 inch
Shape: Rectangle

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My grandma is a homemaker, as they call it nowadays, and true to its meaning, she makes our home a home. Kind and tender, always wearing a thin smile, never looking worried in any adversity. Always there whenever needed, be it advise or pocket money for the movie! I love my grandma, and she is my role model. Her only grief is staying away from her motherland. My grandpa also carries this burden of sorrow in his heart, so much so that he is always angry. His frustration never died, and he vented them on my poor grandma and my father. But he keeps his calm only on my mom and me.

On the contrary to his character, should I say he loves us? My father keeps his distance from him and always keeps quiet at the dinner table, only to frown privately at my mom and his mom about tasteless boiled vegetables being served daily. They grin at him, saying, “go tell your father”… That seems to be enough to send him off!

Well, this is my family – an angry grandpa, a veteran. Then comes a smiling grandma – a real charm. My Papa, a softy professor. Momma, a caring banker, and lastly, of course, myself – Nafisa – about to join high school. We are a happy and content family with mixed anger, frustration, annoyance, and delight.

But I know by heart, however, that the spine of our family is my grandma. She had never been to any corporate office or the college classroom. She did not even been to an upbeat school like mine. But still, her calm and comforting sense of dealing with us and other neighbors and friends and her dignified attitudes both indoors and out – have always attracted respect. Every morning, when she does my and my mom’s hair and covers them up with utmost faith and reverence – she constantly mutters three magic words – MODESTY, HUMILITY, AND DIGNITY. I asked my grandma, “is this ritual?” She smiled and said, “no, darling, these are reasons why you wear a hijab.”

For me, my hijab is my NUQI. NUQI is my hijab. With NUQI, I feel elated, modest, and dignified. I feel My NUQI in me, and I become my hijab.

My hijab, my NUQI – I am hijab.

NUQI premium chiffon hijabs are one-of-a-kind durable hijabs created from heavy chiffon materials. They are non-transparent and slightly stretchable, so you can style them without worrying about adjusting them all day. Full-sized at 27-inch x 72-inch, featuring our unique double stitched borders for durability and machine wash. NUQI hijabs are long enough to ensure appropriate coverage and layering per your desire.


Materials: Heavy Chiffon
Color: Eucalyptus
Weight: 150g to 160g
Size: 27 inch x 72 inch
Shape: Rectangle
Thickness: Medium
Texture: Slightly Textured
Creasing: Not very prone to creasing
Wearability: Moderately slippery (hijab cap recommended)

Fabric Care:
We recommend hand washes or dry clean; machine washes on delicate cycles with a light detergent on warm with only other hijabs in like colors. Tumble dry on low. For stains, spot-treat with a soft fabric stain remover.


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