Keppel – Heavy Chiffon Hijab by NUQI


Double stitched all sides, durable, heavy premium chiffon, luxurious to touch.
Color: Keppel – Turquoise Green Blend
Materials: Heavy Chiffon
Weight: 150g to 160g
Size: 27 inch x 72 inch
Shape: Rectangle

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It was their regular affair, and both Zain and Umar loved it. They took on everything under the sun during recess, from the President to Picasso, fashion to football! They enjoyed a hot cup of coffee and shared everything at the corner of the canteen. One such day –
“Oh yes, I almost forgot…” – Umar said. Then, with an anxious face, he asked Zain – “…do you have any idea about NUQI?”
Zain looked straight at Umar and said – “You don’t?”

“No idea…” said Umar, “…the other day Samantha told me to buy a NUQI, and I bought her a pair of shoes! Things started from there. She stopped talking to me. Honestly, I have ‘NO-CLUE’ regarding NUQI. What is it?” Zain, very slyly, grinned at Umar first. Then said – “Even I didn’t, but I know now. NUQI means Pure in Arabic.” With a jaw-dropping face, Umar was more bewildered and enquired with a broken voice – “You mean to say that… that… Sammy wanted me to buy her ‘Purity’?”

Zain burst into laughter and said – “Oh my poor roly-poly, oh my dear old friend, you are a real asset.” But unfortunately, Umar was still in an unknown zone and could only gaze at Zain with the same blank stare. At last, after having a hard crack at his shocked friend, Zain said – “NUQI means Pure, and they just released their fresh new collections of Hijab. I will share the link to the website with you. Go through it –You will like it, I am sure.”

NUQI premium chiffon hijabs are one-of-a-kind durable hijabs created from heavy chiffon materials. They are non-transparent and slightly stretchable, so you can style them without worrying about adjusting them all day. Full-sized at 27-inch x 72-inch, featuring our unique double stitched borders for durability and machine wash. NUQI hijabs are long enough to ensure appropriate coverage and layering per your desire.


Materials: Heavy Chiffon
Color: Keppel – Turquoise Green Blend
Weight: 150g to 160g
Size: 27 inch x 72 inch
Shape: Rectangle
Thickness: Medium
Texture: Slightly Textured
Creasing: Not very prone to creasing
Wearability: Moderately slippery (hijab cap recommended)

Fabric Care:
We recommend hand washes or dry clean; machine washes on delicate cycles with a light detergent on warm with only other hijabs in like colors. Tumble dry on low. For stains, spot-treat with a soft fabric stain remover.


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